Things About Running shoe for Mountain Biking

There is a lot about cycling shoes we don't know. For example, did you know that NIKE was named after the Greek goddess of victory? Millions of pairs of sneakers are sold every year around the world, yet there is still so much we don't know about them. Here are five insane facts for you to enlighten your friends with the next time someone mentions cycling shoes. 

Robots and technology 


According to create the most comfortable and attractive cycling shoes, researchers use robotic legs, high-speed video, real biker. It just goes to show the lengths we go to in our search for comfort. 


A Billion pairs of sneakers a year 


Cycling shoes are insanely attractive. Over a billion pairs of sneakers are sold every year around the world. 


Fifteen dollars in a decade


Over the last decade, the cost of living has surged. Almost everything from cinema tickets to college tuition has rocketed regarding price - except for one thing. The cost of cycling shoes has only increased by 15% or around fifteen dollars in a decade!


15 Million pairs of cycling shoes for comfort


Did you know that in 1990, consumers spent around $650 million on just 15 million pairs of cycling shoes? Even eye-opening is the fact that the majority of those cycling shoes were used solely for comfort according to researchers. 

Sneakers for sneaking


The name "sneakers" was coined in the late 1800's. The people of the time started calling them that because they noticed how the rubber soles allowed a wearer to "sneak" or move without a sound. So there you are. Cycling shoes are deceivingly fascinating.


I chose just five insane facts, but I'm sure if I did a little more digging I could come up with dozens more. It seems like a pointless exercise, but perhaps it pays to know your cycling shoes because, after all, you're going to be spending a lot of time together.


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